Army ROTC - University of Florida

Liberty Fountain

The University of Florida Army ROTC, in conjunction with the Collegiate Veterans Society and Student Government, are fundraising for the completion of Liberty Pond.

Liberty Pond is a 100 year old pond that lies within the Veterans Memorial at the University of Florida. The UF Veterans Memorial consists of two flag poles, each with two flags, and six granite pillars, one commemorative pillar and five representing each of the five military branches. The UF Veterans Memorial was erected to honor fallen UF veterans and Gators of the five Armed Services who served their country.

The memorial was originally home to an illuminated fountain that provided an improved environment for aquatic life and added a white noise ambiance for individuals to reflect.

In our quest to provide a proper memorial, we are asking if you would join us in our vested interest to our campus community by making a donation.

If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact Army ROTC at

To make a donation, click HERE

Photo courtesy of Gainesville Apartments