Army ROTC - University of Florida


Course Tracking


  • US Military Customs & Courtesies
  • Time Management
  • How to Study and Learn
  • Goal Setting
  • Health & Fitness
  • Military Operations and Tactics



  • Leadership Theory
  • Assess and analyze your own leadership
  • Evaluate ethical reasoning and situational ethics
  • Develop and apply critical thinking
  • Demonstrate appropriate analytical skills
  • Understand the decision making process
  • Physical fitness
  • Military operations and tactics



  • Apply fundamentals of Army leadership
  • Capable of planning, coordinating, and leading a squad or platoon
  • Command & Staff Functions
  • Physical fitness and tactics
  • Military operations and tactics



  • Prepare for the transition to a career as an Army Officer
  • Explore military professional ethics, organizational ethics and the ethical decision making processes
  • Gain practical experience in Cadet battalion leadership roles and training management
  • Begin your leadership self-development including civil military and media relations
  • Physical fitness
  • Military operations and tactics