Army ROTC - University of Florida

Contracting Qualifications


The following is the criteria that you need to check to make sure a student is eligible to contract:

CC 139-R -  Fill-out all information on the front and back of first page (must sign all areas on back page), please call me and I will walk you through the other pages prior to the student filling out their portion.

Waivers - If student needs a waiver that must be submitted and approved Prior to contracting (ie… civil conviction, dependency, age, RE-Code)

Alignment - Must be academically aligned (4 yrs for freshmen, 3 yrs for sophomores, 2 years for juniors) any other option must have prior approval

Cum GPA - must be as atleast: 2.0 (nonscholarship), 2.5 (scholarship – if 4 yr winner then high school Cum GPA must be atleast a 2.5)

Citizenship - Must be a US Citizen and not a dual citizen (citizen of US and another country), if they are not a US citizen then they must be a US citizen prior to contracting and also told that they can not remain a citizen of the other country.  If they are currently a dual citizen then they must renounce their citizenship of the other country and show proof  (in the form of a return receipt signed by that country’s embassy) that it was received by the country’s embassy.

APFT - Must pass the APFT with 60 points (180 total pts) in each event

FULL-TIME - Must be enrolled full-time (12 hrs) (for graduate studies some are only 9 hrs)

MEDICAL - Must be medically qualified

Age:  must be atleast 17 at time of contracting and less than 30 at time of commissioning, if they are 17 at time of contracting guardian/parent must sign.

ACT/SAT – (scholarship only) 2 yr-no requirement, 3 & 4 yr  - ACT of 19 or greater or SAT of 920 or greater

BIRTH CERTIFICATE AND SSN CARD – Need a copy of both for all


Additional Guidance


Cadets in a unit and will be SMP the following is needed before contracting:


DD 4/1 & 4/2 (have 4 yrs remaining, if not must extend enlistment to cover 4 yrs)

Reserves:  Need letter stating that they will except this individual as an SMP

National Guard: Need SMP agreement (NGB 594-1) completely filled out, signed by the student and signed and dated by the commander or his authorized rep.